18-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
Preferably foldable, or at least fairly easily transportable. Can pick up. TIA!
18-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
My 9 yr old son has taken in interest in playing the cello. I would love to find a previously loved one for him as a starter before I commit to purchasing a new one.If you've got one you wouldn't mind parting with, please contact me! Thanks in advance!
18-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a cat tree, preferably with a hide-away space for my kitty.
18-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a taller dresser, not wide. We have a small space for it.
18-Aug-2018Sahuarita, AZ +17 milesItems Wanted
Hi I'm looking for a washer...if you are getting rid of one i can use it..thank you..john
18-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
Need a simple queen sized bed frame and box spring. Bonus if it doesn t need a box spring
16-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
Hello I have a patio with a large closet but sadly I would dont have the material to build selfs to put things on since it s starting to over fill thank you.
16-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
Wanting to paint walls with my own designs on the walls. Any type of art paint will work. Thank you
16-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
Still searching for colorful things to make 'mosaic like' stepping stones while recovering from surgery (which is now 12 days in the offing) Thanks!!
16-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
Hello we are in need of a recliner chair for our small living room please.We don't have a vehicle so if whoever can find it in their hearts to bring it to us we would appreciate it. Thank you. Also it doesn't have to be pretty just no wholes or rips or bugs.
16-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
You know those big glass jars? I cannot find mine, and could really use one. Aren't they pickle jars?
16-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of 2 Large Dish Pacs Plus Lots of Paper Packaging material and Large pieces of Bubble Wrap. I respond best to email or Messages. Thank You! Can Pick up today...
16-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
In need of baking pans and the likes. I am willing to pick up.
15-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
Single mom looking for a gas stove. My oven stop working just the top works. Thank you
15-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
I'm in need of a usable small dresser. Prefer wooden but plastic in fair condition is fine too.
15-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for an old-style TV cable. The type that has screw threads with a little wire sticking out. They are called coax or coaxial cables. I only need about 3 feet, but any length will do. Thanks in advance!
I am so sad. While cleaning my crockpot fell and the pottery broke. I use this a lot. Does anyone have one they don't need? Please text/call Beth 520-358-7447.
15-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an open steel frame shelving unit. Need 16" deep by about 7 2" tall. Thanks
15-Aug-2018Sahuarita, AZ +17 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a clam shell shaped kiddie pool/ sandbox for an art project.
15-Aug-2018Tucson, AZ +19 milesItems Wanted
If you are diabetic please save your empty strip test bottles. I use them for my hobby of geocaching. (geocaching.com) I'll take as many as you have.I post this a few times per year so start saving them now.
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