Both my little space heater and my bullet blender croaked! I would be grateful for used ones. Penny 520-247-3103
I've enrolled in several courses and having a computer, with desktop or laptop would help out tremendously with expenses. I'm on a fixed (SSDI) income so cutting expenses is so much a necessity. The home computer would save gas and commuting expenses. Please call or email if you can help. 520.347.9179
17-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
Family in need of a reliable vehicle
17-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
I would like some firewood, please.
17-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I am in need of fireplace tools, please.
17-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
I recently moved into a home that needs a lot of repairs, and I do not want to depend too much on government/community resources. I am looking for everything from lumber to caulk. Thanks. 912-7694 text is preferred means of initial contact.
17-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
We are looking for a small microwave for our little house. The one we currently have is losing power.
17-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for queen duvet cover and sheets. Sheets for summer and winter.
17-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
We got a couch but no mattress inside :/. if you happen to have one we would love it!
16-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
I am volunteering in a community for elderly and mentally disabled. I am trying to make each holiday wonderful, but the community is on a strict budget and deco isnt on the top lists. So I am curious if there is anyone willing to donate all holiday decor. Please. Thank you.
16-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
I'm a single mother who is looking for swaddlers or swaddle blankets for a baby boy. I am due in December and money is super tight. Any help would be truly appreciated. Thank you.
15-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for used hummingbird feeders --plastic or glass or fine.
15-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
I need to know where I can take styrofoam containers to be recycled for free, if anyone can help me out with that. I'd rather not put it in the garbage if I can help it
15-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
Puppy tore up our insulation. Just need a 36-inch long piece. Please help if you can. Thank you so much for getting ME out of the doghouse!
14-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
WANTED, 2 patio chairs that can stay outside year around. Prefer wire or metal. As long as they are functional and could be spray painted, I'll consider what you no longer want. No sets or tables, please
14-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of some crafting supplies to be able make things and sell them to pay some bills. Looking for: Old /broken jewlery Beads Broken or half used candles Wine corks Please
14-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a artist table or a drafting table for watercoloring.... Thank You.
14-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
Just learned of a yard project we must do that requires around 100 feet of 2" PVC pipe. If you have pipe left over from a project or know where we can purchase this cheaply, please let me know. Most lengths will work. We're in NW Tucson near Marana and can pick up. Thanks so much.
14-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Also interested in roughly cubical cardboard boxes 12 inches in dimension or smaller.
14-Oct-2018Tucson, AZ+19 milesItems Wanted
Hi ya'll, I'm trying to get a little outside play area for my toddler. But we only have asphalt so I need something soft to go down on the ground so she doesn't hurt herself. I was thinking maybe like yoga mat material or something would work. I can pick it up. Thanks! Also, you can text me at 5202624396 because my emails get lost
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