I will pay you 50 dollars cash (70 if you have a tinted windshield and replace your windshield for free if you have glass coverage (other than Allstate or Esurance) on your vehicle and the windshield is damaged or it has been more than two years since you have had the windshield replaced.I will also give you a 100 dollar gift certificate to Call or text me at 520 365 5464. Sean
Two (2) 36"x 70" wood pallets. They are in very good condition and heat treated. Located in our garage in Marana and ready to be picked up.
Glidden "glazed pot" 3 gallons. Glidden "Dark pewter" 3 gallons
Needs to be reglued. This may require use of furniture clamps. We are not up to the task, so we are giving this sofa away.
assorted sizes (broken down). Free. Text or call for availability. Eight zero five 591 zero zero eight two
Mesquite, Pine Logs and Apricot, must take all. Bring own chain saw for pine logs to cut up, to heavy to lift.
come pick up LOTS of boxes and packing material call and we will give you directions
Plastic & fiber board. Drawer glides are broken. Front and top are marked - may wash off but I haven't tried. Must pick up.
Wood Kitchen/Microwave Cart with butcher block type top. Two shelves and one wonky drawer. Come pick up.
24 empty wine bottles, assorted colors
Jane Austen "A Life" David Nokes Copyright 1997 578 pages (Bookman's does not want these books.) Call: Susan (520) 742-0056. Dorothy Parker "Complete Poems" Copyright 1999 408 pages Paperback Eudor Welty "One Writer's Beginnings" Copyright 1983 104 pages Paperback Philip Levine "The Simple Truth" Copyright 1994 66 pages "What Work Is" Copyright 1991 77 Pages
Two-piece gray couch cover, seldom used. Looks decent when well tucked using rolled-up newspapers or pool noodle-type items to help secure the tucking. Freshly laundered, from a non-smoking home with no pets. original post date: 2023-12-02
Very BIG comfortable computer desk chair on casters. "Bonded leather Pleather" is peeling off. Can be recovered. Excellent condition otherwise. original post date: 2023-12-02
10 empty kombucha bottles (48 oz) 2 empty Kombucha bottles (16 oz)
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